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Celebrate the month of Holi with Spice Waala Seattle 3/14 feast

March is the month of Holi, one of the most popular and significant festivals in Hinduism – celebrating springtime, color, and love.

Holi fell on March 8th this year, but Spice Waala in Seattle is keeping the festivities going with a special take-home offering available for pick-up next week between 5:00-7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14th only.

 Celebrate the month of Holi with Spice Waala's 3/14 feast!

Spice Waala’s Holi celebration meal includes:

  • Appetizer: Cauliflower, onion & potato pakoras (chickpea flour fritters) served with signature tamarind chutney
  • Main: Daal (lentil stew), sweet potato sabzi & mutton curry or matar paneer. Served with a trio of rice – yellow sweet rice, pink beetroot rice & green bitter gourd rice
  • Dessert: Gujiya, a traditional Holi dessert: sweet fried dumpling filled with cream, nuts & spices
  • Beverage: Kesar (saffron) lassi with nuts
 Celebrate the month of Holi with Spice Waala's 3/14 feast!

This Holi pick-up package is offered at $40 + tax (mutton) or $35 + tax (paneer) per serving (each meal is a generous portion for one person) and is available for pre-order by calling either restaurant location: 206.457.8691 (Ballard) or 206.466.5195 (Capitol Hill).

 Celebrate the month of Holi with Spice Waala's 3/14 feast!

On top of their Holi offerings, Spice Waala is featuring a refreshing housemade mango soft serve all March long.